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Every brand is unique and needs a customized market entry solution to create ripples. AIM Direct is your one-stop service provider that helps simplify market entry in India with its effective marketing techniques. AIM Direct is driven by an E-commerce model with a specialization in online marketing to suit the current digital era.

Here, the strategies are tailor-made and based on an in-depth understanding of brands. With the focus of providing full access to the Indian market for local and international brands, AIM Direct develops distinctive and adaptive solutions to suit the dynamic market environment. AIM Direct’s market entry consultants provide guidance and support while bridging the gap between the brand and India in an impactful manner.

A few of the common hurdles international brands face while trying to make a mark in India are product registration, price perception, and understanding the diversified culture of the country. AIM Direct’s expertise lies in overcoming these hurdles and making a smooth pathway for brands to enter the market. It dives deeper into the segment to get insights and utilizes its hands-on understanding of the market to deliver solutions that tap the need of the hour. Our consultants are capable of tackling the most complex and toughest market challenges with a proven approach for every stage. These approaches are not only aimed towards strategized growth for brands but are also cost-effective.

AIM Direct is the #1 retail choice of brands like Amazon, Nykaa, FirstCry, Flipkart, and Purple. Through its unique online marketing strategies and the ability to provide effective market entry solutions, it is one of the fastest-growing E-commerce business solutions in India. With its strong team and focused services, AIM Direct has become a reliable strategist for new entrants to boost their businesses. To take charge of the evolution of your brand and make your way into the complex Indian market, join hands with AIM Direct today!

Why partner with AIM DIRECT INDIA?

Brand Ownership Ensuring the brand retains full control of selling price, image, content & brand positioning.
Brand Protection Establishing in-market protection through official brand registration in India.
Taylor-Made Strategies Working together to develop brand marketing plans and sales strategies for the Indian market.
Knowledge Sharing Providing transparent pricing structure to understand the value chain involved in India.
Cost Effectiveness Working on a cost plus model to ensure investment is in the area of expectation.
Full access to customer data and monthly reporting.

Business Strategy

Why is India attractive?

Target Population
120 Mil

(Income. 45K USD)
(135Mil by 2022)

Internet Users
564 Mil

(634M by 2022)

Bank Accounts
514 Mil

Opened since 2014

Online Shoppers
329 Mil

(550M by 2022)

Online Retail
72 Bil

USD $72Billion (2020)
(USD $120Billion by 2022)

Beauty Industry
17 Bil

(USD $25B by 2020)

Online Premium Beauty
120 Mil

USD $300Million
(USD $3.5B 2022)


Current focus on boosting participation from foreign enterprises to boost national retail and eCommerce infrastructure. Regulatory factors normalizing.

What Are The Challenges For Brands To Enter India?


Product registrations in India can be difficult and expensive without the correct expertise and knowledge.


Without the appropriate pricing model and sales strategy, low retail prices in India make it difficult to manage a meaningful value chain.


The sheer size, scale, complexity and cultural differences of the market means that launching your brand in India can be extremely difficult to navigate without the right partner.


Carefully selecting the correct sales channel is a crucial element and can be the difference between failure and success.


What do we offer BRANDS?

Market Entry Solutions


Health & Wellness,
Beauty & Cosmetics,
Food & Grocery

Launch Strategy

Product Evaluation,
Product Pricing,
Product Placement,
Product Promotion

Logistics Solutions

Supply Chain

End to End B2B & B2C
Reliable & Tracked
Broad Coverage

Custom Clearance

Airport & Wharf
Transparent & Ethical
Documentation & Preparation

Marketing Solutions

Digital Marketing

Google & Facebook
Twitter & Instagram
Influencers & more

Traditional Marketing

Electronic media &
Print media
In-store & PR campaigns
Merchandising & more

Sales Solutions


Amazon & Flipkart
Nykaa & FirstCry
Purple & more

General Retail

Big Bazaar & Wallmart
Apollo & Reliance
Star Bazaar & more

Expand Your Business in India with AIM Direct!

Don’t worry, we hate spam as much as you do

AIM Direct Team

Brand Building Capability

Our team is highly experienced in the Indian market with specific expertise in sales, marketing and distribution. We understand the issues and opportunities in India from both the Brand’s and Retailer’s perspective and work transparently to build brand awareness and product sales.

Digital Marketing

Our Digital & Social Media specialists focus on customising client plans to provide creative and effective campaigns aimed at delivering results in the areas of Search Engine Optimization, Web & App development, Content Creation, Marketing Campaign Management and E-platform operations.

Registration and Logistics

Our team of qualified Logistics and Registration experts deliver cost effective, tailored and transparent solutions as part of the overall market entry and ongoing sales strategy.

Sales Capabilities

Our Executive Sales Management team have over 30 years of experience in successfully launching and commercialising more than 60 brands in India and internationally in Health, Wellness, Beauty, Cosmetics, Food & Grocery industries.

Frequently Asked Question(FAQ)

AIM Direct’s services range from brand/product registration and launch strategy to sales solutions. We provide strategy, marketing, transformation, and digital solutions that are focused on the target market. While entering the market, AIM Direct also helps in setting up a price model for the products making the brand much more economically viable.

AIM Direct’s strategies are firmly based on what’s appropriate for the given market segment, thus we provide an array of business strategies that involve research on the target population, Internet users, bank accounts, online shopping habits, online retail, and more. AIM Direct also focuses on boosting participation from foreign enterprises to power the national retail and E-commerce infrastructure. Be it international brands or fresh entry-level ones, these are some of the core aspects to consider.

The most important part about setting up a business in an international environment is finding partners who are reliable and on the same page as your brand. AIM Direct helps brands by curating the right partners to help establish a strong supply chain. We help you set up a powerful network that works alongside your brand towards greater success. Having these partners on board can help you understand the local needs better and reach the right consumers to sustain a long-term position in the market. Moreover, having the right price perception greatly determines a brand’s success. Overpricing your products will never help. The Indian market demands brands to be sensitive about their costing and this is where our consultation makes the difference.

India is on the edge of becoming the most populous country in the world, however, its strength lies in its diversity despite its population. For this reason, brands must understand various economic and social aspects before entering the Indian market. The income level, social beliefs, and cultural values greatly impact the buying nature of Indian consumers. AIM Direct resolves this challenge with its in-depth understanding of consumer habits and aspirations, helping brands achieve the right success.

India’s business laws and regulations are constantly evolving and require brands to stay at the top of their game. We, at AIM Direct, help you navigate the regulatory regime by interpreting these laws conservatively. AIM Direct also provides international marketing strategies that will help the regulatory landscape work in favour of your brand. Alongside, we also help brands evaluate joint venture opportunities in forensic detail.

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